Ex-d Enclosure Types

Ex-d Enclosure Types are Expanded!

An Ex-d enclosure is designed to contain an explosion and stop any flames, sparks, and hot gases from escaping into the surrounding atmosphere should an internal explosion occur. In addition, an Ex-d enclosure protects the fitted equipment against external moisture, dirt, dust, or water.

The enclosure may house equipment such as, contactors, relays, power supplies, transformers, radio devices and other electrical equipment with potentially hot surfaces.

Sometimes referred to as ‘flameproof’ or “explosion-proof”, an Ex-d enclosure includes what is known as a flame path. The flame path design can vary depending on the construction of the Ex-d enclosure system.

Ex-d enclosures can be considered explosion-proof or flameproof. Some flameproof boxes have flame paths that operate surface to surface, like a flange touching a joint, whereas others like a typical IIC gas group enclosure have a lid that screws into the body of the enclosure. In these enclosures, the flame path is in the thread, forcing the flame to move in and out of the thread before it can reach the outside atmosphere. In this design, the thread quenches the flame.

The flameproof protection concept works on the premise that it is not attempting to prevent gas or oxygen from penetrating everywhere in an environment. It instead looks to contain a resulting explosion from gas and oxygen that penetrates the enclosure.

Karen Electrical Ex-d Type Atex Certified Aluminium Enclosure Production is expanded. There have been added window and IP 66 option.

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