Ex-proof Led Well glass Lighting Fixtures

Ex-proof Led Well Glass Lighting Fixtures

Ex-proof Led Well Glass Lighting Fixtures enclosures are made of aluminum alloy with epoxy resin powder sprayed on the surfaces. As a result, they have excellent anti-corrosion properties. Toughened glass is used to make the transparent shield, and stainless steel is used for the exposed fasteners. The terminal box side entry of an explosion-proof light fitting is suitable for rubber coated and armored cable wiring. As internal terminals that are easy to wire, the internationally certified PHOENIX cage type terminals are chosen. The unique heat insulation design combined with the exterior high-density radiator in ex-proof led well glass lighting fixtures will result in a better radiation effect. Inside is a LED light source and a stabilized voltage supply. It can meet the lighting needs of the petrochemical, chemical, and marine industries.

Explosion-proof well glass lighting fixture made in copper-free aluminum and tempered glass provided with AISI304 or AISI316L stainless steel hardware and screws. Ensuring LED lifetime-saving technology and overvoltage protection system with high resistance to corrosion and designed for the harshest temperatures.

Ex-proof led well glass lighting fixtures can be sorted as bracket lamp, platform lamp and wall lamp. Well glass lighting fixtures are suitable for hazardous areas of industrial plants for lighting of indoor and outdoor structures, for which narrow or wide beam lighting is needed. These luminaries have been designed to house built-in control gears for high intensity discharge lamps, mercury vapour, metal halide and high-pressure sodium; light source can be driven where required by way of suitable reflectors. Provided in a wide range of wattage, have an excellent corrosion resistance due to the body made of aluminum with low content of copper and tempered glass of lamp compartment.

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