Ex-proof Sockets and Plugs

Ex-proof Sockets and Plugs

Plug and socket outlet system with an integrated power switch permitting absolutely safe connection and disconnection of electrical equipment with plug-and-play simplicity. The Marechal ex-proof plug and sockets offer various benefits. Contact quality, safe disconnection, automatically watertight, cost reduction due to dual-voltage, robust and reliable alternative to conventional plugs and sockets.

Combining electrical safety in explosive atmospheres and reliability for power control and distribution in hazardous area industries where explosions are a real risk. Ex-proof Plug and socket assemblies are suitable for Zone 1 (21) Gas & Zone 2 (22) Dust hazardous areas.

Marechal hazardous area plugs and sockets offer an extensive and comprehensive product range for all industrial electrical power applications in Zone 1 & Zone 2 hazardous areas with ATEX & IECEx certified plugs and sockets. Typical applications for explosion proof hazardous area plugs include mobile machinery, portable plant, wellhead control panels, mobile skid units and offshore heavy power, data and signal distribution.

The full plastic explosion-proof plug and sockets can be used in the explosive gas atmospheres where the locations of local power supply control and electrical installation and mobile machinery place often need to be moved and transformed. The flexible shutter spring that has a lot of contact surface can guarantee the small contact resistant and low temperature rise meanwhile the force inserting in and pulling out can be reduced minimally which ensure the normal functions and permanent self-cleaning effect of the plug and socket. The switch is not turned on if it is not rotated and the plug can be pulled out when the switch is turned after the plug is inserted into the socket which non-live action is realized. The protective covers are equipped on both plug and socket which ensure the reliability of the protective degree. Therefore, can be used under extreme conditions.

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