Ex-Proof Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures

Karen Electrical sells Explosion Proof Fluorescent Fixtures approved for Zones 1 and 2 and 21 and 22. Lighting Fixtures are made of aluminium/polyester which are highly resistant to rough impacts. Those fluorescent lighting can be mounted on ceilings or walls using a pair of stainless-steel mounting brackets. Galvanized ceiling type mounting kit is included in products. Atex Certified Ex-Proof Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures are designed for use in hazardous locations and flammable buildings with extra preventions provided by manufacturers like Technor Italsmea , Robustex Electrical Ltd, Cz Explosion Proof.

ROBUSTEX Electrical brand Ex-Proof Fluorescent Lighting fixtures provides the option of emergency type with battery and Microswitch (also as an option for normal service). Including the advantage of standard through wiring (Loop in-loop out facility with 4 mm²). Ex-proof lighting fixtures are Polyester body and electronic ballast.

TECHNOR ITALSMEA brand Ex-Proof Fluorescent Lighting fixtures also provides the options of emergency type with battery for 1; 2  or 3 hours . It has aluminum and polycarbonate UV transparent diffuser. Has the power options for 1x18w ;2x18w;1X36W;2x36w;1X58W;2X58W. This ATEX-rated fluorescent fixture is constructed of aluminium / polyester components which provides safely useage  in flammable work sites.

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